Announcing- new Photo blog project!

Everyone that knows me or interacts with me online is aware I take photographs. Film, digital, crappy point-and-shoot digital...and I don't own a cell phone, so I am the girl scrambling around to change lenses and gasping when I drop a 10-year old too-shiny box of shuttery chaos. Some people employ me a tiny bit for this and it helps give me a little gas money some days too, but I never really call myself a "fine art photographer" or "street photographer" or anything like that, although I love many styles and finishes. I do post my captures from time to time on a few forums and I have been told that I should be developing my photo work... no pun intended. that I have wrapped some projects that were taking most of my time (and because it doesn't take long to start a site with images one already has) I set up the Light Time Visitor- like the Night Time Visitor, only visiting the light, that thing that photographers capture, manipulate, and cherish no matter the style or process. It will be mostly experimental photos with some scattered natural imagery for which I am known and use primarily for creating painted art.  Below are a few examples of some of the past shots that are being added to my queue there, in no particular order....

I hope these bring much enjoyment to your eyes if you choose to follow the project! All information on the photos will be listed on the new page. Stay tuned for more art info to be posted here soon!