A Weekend of Art for Causes

Last weekend we held Sit.Stay.Art! at Individual Artists of Oklahoma and I had the opportunity this past six months to coordinate art submissions. It has been a fun ride and I have learned a lot. I would recommend working a non-juried art show on a submissions committee to any artist, simply to see this side of a large group art show. I've learned how I can write entry calls better, how to speak to artists better when there is a clerical mistake (something will always go wrong somewhere, a typo or a feeling hurt or something easily fixed in the long run/wider scope), and I learned straight from the gallery-director's-mouth the magic formula for hanging art properly so that it may be level and viewed optimally by patrons. (I had an idea of this but it was the first time I had to put it in to practice....there is math involved!)

It was a great night and we raised so much money for Pets and People, the beneficiary shelter. Here are some photos I had a chance to grab during the night, while running around like a crazy person....

art sales desk- busy!!
bring your pet to this art show ;)

this piece by OKC artist Joe Slack

on wall- Center of the Universe by Kyle Golding (left) and Mr Awesome by Dawn Williams (right)

who will adopt me?

Picstories Flipbooks making pet memories....

All of the sponsors went above and beyond- we even got vegan doggie treats and hot dogs
from Mutt's -perfect for the night!

These were some of my favorites- this is one dog named Journey captured in metal photographic prints by
artist Laura Evans- they sold quickly!

Scrunchy's Dream by Linda Dixon - she is from the same small town (just east of OKC) as me!
My official art submission, a painting of the dog Bagel, did sell, but one of the most fun parts of the weekend was unveiling a special piece for the volunteer coordinator. She had asked me to paint a memorial piece of her dog, Maggie May, a west highland terrier/red heeler mix, and then mentioned when I asked about any other preferences that she liked rainbows. She did not see any process shots and I did not share any online where she could see it. It felt really good to make this painting for her and see her react to it!

Also that night, down the road at Istvan Gallery, the Pride in Art event was going on and I had this piece in the show and got word a few days ago that it sold. Proceeds will go to the Cimarron Alliance Foundation, an LGBT advocacy and education organization in central Oklahoma.
Here is my piece from Pride in Art- 
Rajasthan Corridor
So I think that may be why it is four days after the weekend and I am finally getting to go through photos and blog about it... there was a lot to do! Haha...well, actually I am still busy busy... I am setting up plans for a fall show and need to figure out summer travels to TX again. I am working on new oils, a few on wood, and will eventually get around to sharing the photos. There has been more writing about the arts as well- you can find a piece by me on OKC.net every now and then and hopefully more in the near future. 

Links (this was a long post, in case you want to check these out again):
  • Pets and People (you can sponsor a pet without adopting if you want to help but cannot keep one)
  • Sit.Stay.Art! (they love volunteers, and you can sign up for updates on future art shows)
  • Cimarron Alliance (lots of upcoming event info and social media tie-ins)
  • Do you like my pieces from the shows? email me for a pet portrait or commission.