Fashion Labels and Four Letter Words.

During the 5 years I spent as a re-enactor in the Oklahoma Society For Creative Anachronism, I loved costume but hated fashion. Appropriate for my character, because Lady Salerna della Rena of Wolfstar (during the time this courtesan-turned gypsy did spend as an initiate in the most infamous mercenary house in the fabulous kingdom of Ansteorra) did not bother with mundane fashion labels. Now they fascinate me as much as a teenager with a shiny new platinum card. It's a psychology thing. I have my favorites. Costume, consumption, and what happens to it. Some years yards of material are "in", some barely nothing. Then....there's the motivation behind dressing this way.

And after sewing corsets on machines I appreciate that they were once always made by hand!

"Fash for Gold" incorporates contemporary couture labeling with classical costume pieces and a subtle surrealism in the eyes of a maiden overcome with ennui to which the viewer is left to determine if she is wanting more and what that really is. It is available by email inquiry or to view other pieces like it, check out my image galleries.

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