This Friday: Pancakes And Booze Underground Art Show

This Friday July 20th is the Pancakes and Booze Underground Art Show in Dallas, Texas.

I will have three paintings in the show. here are some thumbnails but you must check them out in their lovely frames!

Really Love Your Secrets (Wanna Shake Your Trees)

Down Below The Ocean

January Orchid

If you are reading this blog post you have found your way here through a social media link/following or perhaps it's the night of the show and you are here via the code on my cards for purchasing instructions (yay! it worked!) Each piece is original and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

So here's how it works.
Come find me in the gallery (or send me a text to the contact info on the card). Hopefully I won't be wandering too far from my work. Text me and I'll even tell ya what I'm wearing. Or jump in the air or something. I'm short.

I will take cash or also paypal to my email address, as long as we confirm it the night of the show on either of our phones (sorry, I'm behind the times and I don't have Square yet).

Want to purchase a piece after the show? I do payment plans and layaway!
I am from Oklahoma, not Texas, but I will have cards with me (take one, or bookmark this site!)
and we can work something out after the party. Have fun!

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-Amanda Christine <3