Future and growth talk.

It's Monday and I have Chuck Berry on iTunes. It's Reelin' and Rockin', one of the songs performed in the film American Hot Wax, in the scene where the concert is about to be "shut down" and Freed tells them that the act won't stop the progression of the music and what it is accomplishing (in fewer, more cinematic words).

This weekend we went to Red Dot at IAO Gallery for a bit, had a drink, and viewed all the beautiful art. There were some sculptural pieces that really stood out for me- Nathan Lee and Sharon Montgomery are two I enjoyed in particular. Saturday night a commission client picked up an oil and I have spent the last few days prepping some new surfaces for future works.

In the wake of election stuff I wanted to write a post about my state/city/area that would be a little more art/entertainment focused, but the wonderful New York Times beat many bloggers to that with their recent article about our NBA team and their impact (including mentions of the local culture and arts!)
If you are a resident of anywhere-near-here and feeling cynical about politics either way... just read this and be happy that others are taking notice of the good things about Oklahoma.
Dear Mary or Jari 
by Amanda Christine Shelton (Hall)
15x15" acrylic, ribbon, embroidery thread on canvas
The Dear Mary or Jari Project -Oct 2010 -a.k.a. Gallery- The Feminist Art Project- OK Chapter 

During the time I have spent just thinking and writing and planning and sketching, there has been much churning around in my head about future works and where all this is going to go. I did rewrite my artist statement on my website, because the way I use my mediums and their scope are changing, and I have been thinking about how very early on my environment has had a direct impact on my work, and direction next year in terms of concepts and meaning. My statement may continue to evolve from this, it is a little wordy and simple at the moment. This is pretty exciting- the flow of new ideas- but I don't want to raise any expectations from anyone (including myself) too soon, or it will just end up in the literal notebook stack of ideas... There may be a show in early 2013 but still in the works so I may just list it under events as TBA until I get my contract finalized.

One of the new minis... get it here.

I don't know why but I always feel "grow-y" before the holidays... like ready to get things set up for new pieces and really push myself- maybe because I know I will be indoors for colder weather? ... I have made a few mini-acrylic paintings in collectable ACEO size (2.5"x3.5") that are available in my shop and also will be adding a few more small listings in the next days. I have also made some additions and changes to the spider-lady painting I began some time ago that I put on hold before doing some commissions and mural consults.

so... onward..upward...ward...wart. stalwart. art. there we go :)