Thanks and Giving. And some sale-related stuff.

I could have probably worked harder on a better title to this post, but I wanted to get right to the content. Also, gratitude is a word I hear too often and it registers funny in my head because it is yielded with "attitude", a word I usually hear accompanied with negative adjectives. I like the word "grace" and the words formed from "thanks" and "thankful"... maybe I'm simple like that... or too wordy. But now I'm tangental again...

I am recovering this morning from a 2-pie-slice hangover after an enjoyable day of watching my in-laws' family fly remote controlled airplanes into trees and neighborhood kids in my hometown play football in their front yards near my parents' home. My grandmother also celebrated her 90th birthday- a lot of the grandparents of both our families have birthdays around Thanksgiving making the time both happy and bittersweet when we reflect on recent losses.
©2012 Amanda Shelton

But now the day of lots of eating and football and leftovers and pie and travels and family is over. Or sublimated into crazy shopping. If you are happily shopping local- there are some great things going on around OKC where you can nab up some awesome local handmade gifts. Individual Artists of Oklahoma has extended their Red Dot show and having "After Red Dot" where you can purchase art from select Oklahoma artists at affordable prices to start or add to your collection. I have a Day of the Dead-themed piece at the gallery your can get your hands on for yourself or a loved one for only $160, with 50% of the proceeds donated to IAO's programming next year. So when you buy art at this sale, you get, and you give back to the arts in Oklahoma!

Shopping online? Gotcha covered there too! Use the code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off anything in my art shop from now until December 10. This is a BIG discount if you have been eyeing one of the larger original oil paintings listed. If you make a multiple purchase (2 items or more) I will thrown in a free unlisted gift from my studio- could be an ACEO/ATC, could be an original sketch, a record painting, mini prints, whatever I can fit in with your items and ship! We are not just talking decorated envelopes here (although I have been known to do that) we are talking more art you can put on your walls, or in stockings or give for last-minute gifts! And as usual, even though there is a "sale" going, I am still going to continue listing items as I get descriptions and photos ready!

Soon I have a big studio appointment to make a LOT of progress on a painting for 2013, and I'm about to do my impression of a headless chicken as I tend to the rest of my day, so if you have read this far on my blog on Black Friday... Stay safe and have a good weekend!