New Art: Her Dilemma

Yesterday I finished my latest mixed media painting titled "Her Dilemma". The girl in the piece is parted by her faun-like hair and pulled expression between two suggested environments. It is 20x20 inches and approx 1.5 inches deep on gallery-wrapped canvas, wired across the back inside the frame. The edges are painted black. The major media in the painting are oil paints and carefully placed and sealed gold leaf, with it's own antiquing and touches of liquid leaf and copper acrylic. I have included some photos of the process for this piece below. *warning* some were taken with my ancient-ancient cell phone and uploaded at tiny resolutions and are small!!

A sanded/primed base, with the pattern. this was a small pattern off of a card I received and I traced a small stencil and blew it up on my crappy projector (doesn't get anything crisp but good for getting major forms the right overall scale in composition), then painted the parts to be leafed. 

Face drawn in...I will also do a little bit of underpainting on her before leafing just so I know not to put where her hair is on that left side. (there are really cool effects with painting over it, but this time I want it to communicate opaque)

Gold leaf! at this point it looks like a leprechaun farted all around my easel... well not at THIS point because I've sealed and started the turquoise layers....

Color and more elements... I have been using this as a profile pic because I left it like this awhile to work on Christmas presents... sigh... and then I finished it! yay!!

Her Dilemma
©2012 by Amanda Christine Shelton
20x20 inches
oil and gold leaf on canvas

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