Hair Last Never.

Note to self: When I am laying down color, not selectively doing hair last. ever. again. unless I am intentionally planning it to be white. no idea how or why it happened this way this time, but maybe just to reveal this to me.

I am working steadily on two projects: small show for February at Sauced on Paseo, and another little side project to be announced later. Oh, and Sit. Stay. Art! submission-taking-coordinating, so that I guess makes three.

For Sauced on Paseo, I believe I have the annex area and there will be the usual First Friday fun stuffs.
I don't have a lot of info or links to hype for ya because this isn't a fancy gallery show, although I AM making some all new, never-before-seen pieces for it.  The Paseo Art Association is partnering with the Oklahoma Heart Hospital for National Wear Red Day, which also falls on First Friday, and will be having related events. Anyway, if I have more official info you will know here. Like that I officially need to correct some dates on my sidebar. sigh... Monday.

If you have never been there during the non-First Friday times, they also do poetry and open mic nights here.
 note: I have been told that they are not to take art sales themselves (they can get quite busy and move pretty fast!) so if you do see a piece you are interested in purchasing, I will have my information on the tags- I live/work only about 6 blocks away so even if it "snowmageddons" that's not a far walk- yay art neighborhoods!

otherwise, totally pooped. but can't nap yet.