new year's day- art + nature walk

On New Year's Day I went out to the place we go for nature walks, photogging, birding and such. Finally getting over my winter ills with a cup of hot water and lots of green tea in tow, I brought a bag of necessities including my camera and watercolor pencils. I have taken off with more happy chaotic plates spinning in the air for the new year and this was wonderfully centering.

The little watercolor pencil ATC was painted in the river bottom near Stinchcomb.  Some background on this area if you aren't familiar with my other posts from this natural happy place, it's near Bethany/Yukon and lots of wildlife/trails/cycling/kayaking, and general playing around in the woods.  We take many natural captures out here and just spend time.

using prismacolor wc pencils. was trying to get a shot of my finished card, but it came out fuzzy. then I realized there was no color tweaking (just a resize) so you can see the pretty warm light of the chilly day and the tones of the ground cover... if you're into that.

This little ATC took maybe an hour and a half (maybe more? i wanted to get lots of color) once I found my spot. I used a few pencil chunks as if they were typical watercolors in the case because I realized I forgot to sharpen them before I left. woopsie.

Here's what I took home, along with 260 photos to edit (still working on those)

New Year's Day river sitting
Artist Trading Card
watercolor pencils on 2.5x3.5"bristol
I will definitely do this again... need to get more portable little bookies... maybe a moleskine.. or make some myself ;)

Speaking of walks... there is First Friday in Paseo tonight...the first one of 2013! yay!