Of Groundhogs and Gratitude

Happy Groundhog Day!

I am jazzed about early spring, as long as it means more rain and not so much more drought. ration your water. grow food not lawns. et cetera.

The Groundhog Day movie is centered around one of my favorite little weird concepts/tropes in writing, aside from having Bill Murray in it. Peggy Sue Got Married is another one similar to it- where the main character relives a period of time- in Bill Murray's case, multiple times on a loop...

One thing not noticed by most people is just how long the time loop goes on for — Phil (Murray) has time to memorize every book in town, learn the complete backstory of every person in town, learn to speak French, become an accomplished pianist and sculptor, and go from being a self-centered ass to universally beloved... all this with only 24-hour increments to work with before everything resets to square one again. An early version of the script suggested that the loop runs for something on the order of several millennia, but in a DVD special feature the director states it's closer to ten years.

The Wiki "TV Tropes" page describes the theme of the loop that just happens, along with variations about how to fix it and whys and such... including the making wrong things right and other do-goodings...  Either way, I mentioned earlier somewhere and stand by it-  Don't drive angry.

anyway, last night was Paseo's First Friday Art Walk and it was a little colder than expected once we got down there... so music was inside... but that's ok because art's inside ;)  I am really happy and so thankful that my mother came up to see the show and have dinner and a couple of beers with us- she is always one of my biggest supporters!

The bands- Groove Offensive and Attica State- were great- they played covers of some of our favorite songs- and given our eclectic tastes they really impressed me with their range of song selection and ability to put their own spin on things with performance. Also they gave me a couple of shout-outs among their sets and they didn't have to - you guys rock!!

I really dig hearing specific comments about my work- good OR bad, so I have made thanks and love for both kinds of feedback, even if one stings. I did receive two major compliments last night that made my night regardless of how cold the weather was-
King Me! at Sauced in the annex 
Another artist buddy mentioned he never came down to these artwalks (before you judge I need to caveat there are multiple art districts in the OKC metro and surrounding- many events to keep up with!) ...until he found out I had work here this month. And... that he was submitting to a show this year specifically because of my encouragement to do so last year, based on what I had seen from him.  It is a mega-HUGE compliment when someone takes (or even admits in public to consider taking) my creative advice... maybe just validating my opinion or whatnot.

Now that I have a little dose of new work going, it may be viewed over the next days as I finish adding it to the site at www.amanda-christine.net

Works on display at Sauced will be there until the 28th.