What I meant to blog last week.

belated v-day post. yeah. I was working on stuff.
Valentine's Day Massacre
24x24"x2" oil &gold leaf on birch
©Amanda Christine Shelton 2012

I am only a few degrees separated from individuals who have some really jaded and twisted views on love, and also some folks who have some really beautiful insights on the subject. I have neither, but I was going to share this painting I did last fall because it's sort of related to the holiday.  One of my favorite things about myself (even odder) is that I am not by any means the interesting person in my world, just the segue between a lot of other really FASCINATING people. But I digress...

On Valentine's Day, I have never had a childhood memory that didn't involve decorating those little bleached paper bags for receiving tokens from one's classmates. You probably did this too, or sent your kids off to do it last week. I don't have kids so I dunno if they still do it?  Anyway... somehow it was the little seed of inspiration that became this, along with a crazed Cupid letting no one love that day, corporeal, animal, forbidden, whatever...

I don't think everyone who has griped about Valentine's Day has truly wished that every happy couple meet horrible circumstance, most love their friends and family and respect their happiness, but everyone has the right to actually experience feelings when they get them. My husband and I had a great V-day- he gets bonus points for asking what I wanted this year and outdoing my suggestion :) But I am happy I made this piece because, though only through a heavily commercialized holiday, it kinda validates painful experiences and "negativity" I've had in my life and that they are just part of life and not wrong to have it, and they make the good experiences, when they occur...  REALLY GOOD.

Valentine's Day Massacre is currently displayed at Sauced on Paseo for the month of February.  To see more works from this show, please check out the 2013 and 2012 albums on my website.