Paint.n.Sip Classes for last week of March, early April at TherapyOKC

I had previously mentioned on my Facebook page and in a former post I had begun scheduling to teach... some casual classes at a paint 'n' sip studio in NW OKC called Therapy.

Next week is my first session on March 29 and we will be painting a monarch butterfly on a gerbera daisy. TherapyOKC holds sessions where all the materials are supplied and an artist leads students to create a 16x20" acrylic painting that is composed basically the same, for example all begin a still life but in different colors or a tree with an owl, or a cupcake etc, but each will render their background as they like or use different textures or try new things as their growing skills develop. Or they attend for socializing, or center a party around the paintings. it's meant to be a fun and relaxing experience. There is wine too ;)

The image below is one I painted when I was originally contacted by Therapy to see if I could execute a painting anyone would want to take home/make themselves in 2 hours. t took about an hour but is also slightly smaller than what we'll be doing next week by about 4 inches. This painting is much looser than what I normally do but I am happy with it, and soon would probably finish it up on the edges and make the flower a more Spring-y green (which we'll be doing next week- I just saw an orange gerbera last night in fact with a much brighter center than this one! i'm so used to painting the dark red ones i will have to dig through my old florist photos before the 29th!)

monarch on gerbera daisy, Amanda Christine Shelton 2013 more info at or click on the image next class March 29, 7-9 PM

The two Circus Tent pieces below are Big Top and Lil' Top. These are small acrylics I made in 2011. I love the whimsy, history, and somewhat clandestine mystique of the circus and am happy to know of a few that are do not employ the use of exotic animals. Lil Top is my favorite of the two because it reminds me of a lot of the fairy-tale-type canopies you see on Pinterest in the homes with mega-bohemian interiors, but kind of out in the woods.  These tents are offered up as sessions for April 11th and 18th and listed as appropriate for "Mommy and Me" -bring one of your younger artists in your family to make a circus tent with you. 
*These are the images from the original paintings. I will be teaching slight variations to make them fit the supplied materials, including rectangular/larger canvas
"Big Top" Therapy OKC April 11, 7-9 PM
"Lil' Top" TherapyOKC April 18, 7-9 PM

 I hope these classes go well. I have one more day of PEEPS volunteering to do the day before one of them so i will be warmed up.

To see more images of my older paintings, visit the image galleries before 2011

To learn more about any of the classes or the boutique shop as well, visit