Plein Air Gouache Painting

Today I packed up my gear and went around the parks to paint. I am still very new to gouache, but I have been out to sketch and play in the woods a lot... so excited to play with this medium finally in the sun and outdoors after breaking in my starter set.

Will Rogers Park pools/bridges (southern view towards downtown OKC)
by Amanda Christine Shelton ©, 2013
gouache on paper, approx 5x7 inches (varied edged)

Will Rogers Park is dominated by an arboretum and stone amphitheater,  frisbee golf course and tennis courts and a garden center that takes care of the rose and iris bushes and of course, holds orchid shows and the like as well. The landscape is so lovely, on a temperate day one has to be careful not to accidentally bomb someone else's photo shoot! I actually like coming here on "off" days and today starts a proposed heat wave and I was already running errands early anyway... By the time I made it here there was a shady spot and a nice breeze (although i had to hold tight to my little Fabriano booky!)

I snapped some progress pics with my cell phone I will try to add over on the Facebook page later too!