Random Act of Curation

 Discernible Discourse opened 6.14 Friday in Norman at Mainsite Contemporary Art, organized by guest curator Krystle Brewer, in the Water Closet Gallery area of this hub of the Norman Arts Council. The main exhibit featured Matthew Boonstra's Interruptions, with some amazing installations fusing contemporary media and sculpture with conceptual themes.

I've had a few comments/questions about my selection for this. To be honest, I was just "going with it" for part of it and did not meet my curator in person (maybe when the show comes down?); I met one of the other artists at dropoff, who I did not see at the opening. I was very much sourced through social media and networking, and at a request for "OVAC members who...." pre-qualifying artists from my area. I sent off some correspondence and received word about the show a few months later and double-checked to make sure it wasn't my old collective pranking me (adults still do that in my neck of the woods sometimes! hehe)

 I had my husband and some family with me to see the show. Didn't stay too long because it had been a busy week dealing with other affairs, but I appreciate everyone who did stop by and take a peek at my art. We looked at the amazing installations by Matthew Boonstra in the front gallery, snapped some pics, ate some expensive food in a busy bistro with only 2 servers and I went home to make some gifts instead of apply for an educational program that would help grow my career (facepalm?).

Anyway... here's some piccies of the show! I am super grateful for this opportunity with the Norman Arts Council and for Krystle Brewer's vision bringing together a handful of artists who have used the already-written word in their work.

Courant Limpide and Chatterbox by Amanda Christine Shelton
Discernible Discourse at Mainsite Contemporary Art

each is 12x12 total size, acrylic/mixed media/sheet music on vinyl in a shadowbox.

These are phone pics so not the best quality :( The "water closet gallery" means
it's toward the back office/restrooms/library area, these face north towards the windows and are near the front!)

Tender Blossom Tender Grieving
Discernible Discourse at Mainsite Contemporary Art
11x14 acrylic and sheet music mounted on canvas, framed
by Amanda Christine Shelton

The work will be up through 7.13.2013. I have a total of four pieces for sale in the exhibit (one not shown above), to inquire on any works there please contact MAINSITE Contemporary Art at (405) 360-1162 or http://mainsite-art.com

You may also email or message me via the contact sections of my websites/social media for more info.