4th of July Plein Air Gouaches...

Yesterday I spent the day with my husband's family...mostly listening to sizzling grills and drinking various cool liquid things. I also had my gouache set with me and did a few itty bitty plein air back yard paintings on some heavyweight watercolor paper I had stained with coffee and tea.

One piece is a toy boat in a goldfish pond and the other is some painted elephant ear plants. they are very tiny paintings!

you can sort of see the yellow/blue boat under the net/tikis back there...
-Amanda Christine Shelton 7/4/2013 amandachristineart.blogspot.com
it was really fun to bring out the colors on these. the fence behind it had an antique finish that was lighter than the wood to highlight them too.
-Amanda Christine Shelton 7/4/2013 http://www.amandachristineart.blogspot.com

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