Art of Bits Opening

Saturday 8/10 was the opening for the Bits of Art/Art of Bits show featuring art paying homage to classic videogames, at Istvan Gallery in Oklahoma City.   This was a fun show to create for and have the opportunity to bring some of the things that are normally more hidden inspirations to the foreground of my work.

The show had old game systems and emulators brought in for play with different 8- and 16-bit games on them: Atari, Nintendo, and Sega systems could be found in a big group with screens where audiences could watch or join a game. Artwork inspired by images of characters, the systems themselves, and the design aspects of the games and pixels were displayed and are for sale through the end of September via the gallery.
The show is co-curated by Josh Heilaman, Alesa Clymer, and Kjelshus Collins.

Below are some pics I snapped at the opening...

The show featured vintage video games (do we call them that now or just Big Bang Theory does that?) patrons and families could play, and that evening a tournament was held for prizes donated by local OKC businesses. Music was inspired by video games as well, all re-interpretations of themes and soundtracks my generation heard growing up as we learned cheat codes and wiggled joysticks.

love that cushy giant mushroom!!! 

this huge Sonic the Hedgehog piece was created by local artist Dusty Gilpin

the geometric pieces are by Sarah Atlee and the two on the right with the Super Mario Bros
in animal suits (lower) and Zelda (top) paintings by me! They are Valuables and Lost Level 

A caricature artist was present along with glassblowing demonstrations and a bar with appropriate treats- I had a drink with Atomic Fireball candy soaked in whisky in it- they know how to throw a party over at Istvan.

You can get a better look at my pieces online via my website or Facebook, or Inquiries can be directed to Istvan Gallery(405) 831-2874. The exhibit runs through the end of September.