Mountainscape mini-gouache and Warhol's shoes

A few pieces in this post... please excuse the brevity and/or combining pieces in bloggings, my world is a little off kilter right now (was it ever normal? ha.)

Mountainscape is a mini gouache approx 5x5 inches, on paper. It is currently matted and framed in a simple white frame.

©Art by Amanda Christine Shelton 2013

Also on the same coldpressed paper I did a shoe in the style of the old Warhol illustrations, really a practice thing that arose from a discussion about his work. i wrote a journal-entry like caption over on my Flickr account about how it happened.

 Andy Warhol's shoes:
Andy Warhol shoe illustrations

my shoe illustration in ink and gouache on 8x8" paper:

shoe illustration inspired by Warhol, by Amanda Christine Shelton, 2013
Did you know you can hire me for illustrative work? I can create handpainted or monochromatic analog art for your business or creations, submitted to you in the color and file formats you require for your printers. My resume includes large jobs (event invitations for the Oklahoma state legislature) and small (small family business logos, tshirts), so if you seek a handmade look to your branding, consider the local artist ;)

I'm sure there is a joke about me plugging my services under Warhol's work. Anyway, everyone have a wonderful week!