New Gouache- "The Mushroomer"

New Gouache- The Mushroomer 

"The Mushroomer" is about 5.5x5.5 inches like the mountainscape gouache previously posted on this blog, on same type of paper and receiving the same framing treatment as a few others i have sketched out like this, and perhaps a few more landscape studies. I have noticed a lot of mushrooms and fungi themes in visual art lately and it has run parallel with the actual mushroom hunting that we do ourselves for a hobby. It is nice to be able to put those parts of our lives into our work.
morels from this spring's very good season!
these are very expensive to purchase if you can
even find them, and a very tasty mushroom :)
growing pearl oyster mushrooms from a coffee ground/substrate kit-
i grew these in our kitchen window.

Also I noticed my brushes were starting to lose their form so I finally sprung for two special round brushes for gouache/illustration work today, and picked up new tiny brush for oils. yay new art supplies! >_>