New Painting: The Fox And The Grapes

Pleasures are dear and difficult to get.
Feasting the eye, fat grapes hung in the arbour,
That the fox could not reach, for all his labour,
And leaving them declared, they're not ripe yet.  
-Isaac de Benserade 
Isaac de Benserade also (according to the Wiki-links) wrote "what cannot be had, you speak of badly," describing cognitive dissonance.  The other day I saw an internet meme with text that read "Everyone asks, what the fox does the fox say? No one asks, how does the fox feel."

But Aesop wrote a fable about a fox and grapes, and how the fox convinced himself he felt when he could not get them. The painting below is 10x10 inches acrylic on cradled wood panel, and has some shiny gold acrylic in the grapes too. This is a new angle/compositional thing I am trying to have the fox look up and the viewer be looking overhead rather than a profile or three-quarter type view, but I tried to also make him expressive too. The whole thing has a glossy varnish.

The Fox and The Grapes
by Amanda Christine Shelton
10x10inches acrylic on wood

If you are interested in this little guy, or other paintings from my website galleries, I will have a few pieces for sale during the St Benedict Church Art Sale  November 22-23 at St Benedict's Church in Broken Arrow OK (2200 W Ithica Broken Arrow, OK 74012), a portion of the sales will be going to help the young adults in the church visit Lourdes, France in 2015. This is a family friendly event, free and open to the public, and the artwork will be as such too; you should find some great holiday gift ideas.  ;)