Latest Commission, Day of the Dead-style Portrait

I recently completed a small portrait commission where the subject was to be painted in the style of a Dia de los Muertos Catrina...

Muerta No. 10 is a self-portrait in the series of this style.
This is one of the types of portraits that I offer custom for clients.

My subject, Sidney, has amazing long hair and a sweet smile... here are some process shots of the painting...

my portrait subject (small photo shared with permission)

initial sketching on gessoed canvas with red prismacolor and graphite pencils.
(sometimes I use red and sometimes blue depending on the overall palette or medium) 

several layers in that face, just didn't take a break for photos >_>

detail/cropped shot of finished piece...
and final...

Portrait of Sidney
by Amanda Christine Shelton
commission, 2014
8x10 inches on canvas, acrylic

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