Festival Festival Festival week...

This week we attended The Arts Council of Oklahoma City's Festival of the Arts that takes place in downtown Oklahoma City every spring... there are wonderful artists touring the festival circuit, entertaining performances on multiple Myriad Gardens /downtown stages, and more food than one can shake a kabob stick at...

I have been going to the arts festival since my rural elementary school art classes loaded us up on a school bus and we used the "buddy system" to roam the city, becoming mesmerized that people in a larger world were making a living from their creative gifts and practiced skill sets.

The outdoor sculpture area of the festival is a unique place to see some wonderful local artists working BIG, some I have had the honor of working with their wonderful art on past exhibits and am so happy to see their amazing pieces at the festival.

Even for those who live around here but may not be arts lovers, most OKCers can't deny there is a positive economic impact with the festival's presence.
The OKC Festival of the Arts continues through Sunday, April 27.