Sit Stay Art 2014- this weekend in the Plaza District

Up next I will have a painting in the Sit Stay Art exhibit that benefits Pets and People Humane Society, and this year the show is in the wonderful Plaza District!

In the past I have had the wonderful privilege of helping with the show, setting up the art and helping the artists organize and sell their work, and this year I will have a piece in the show at one of the Plaza District's spaces, Graphite Elements and Design - and the proceeds from the art sales will benefit Pets and People!

The piece I am showing this year is Shaken not Stirred featuring Connery, a mix awaiting his forever home with Pets and People of Yukon. He is painted with some James Bond inspiration, and has a gold leaf bone floating in his "shaken not stirred" martini.
Shaken Not Stirred
by Amanda Christine Shelton
email for your custom pet portraits, or see this one at
the SitStayArt show! 

One of the best parts about these exhibits is they are pet friendly! You can bring your doggies on leashes, kitties and ferrets on harnesses... whatever furbabies love to socialize and they will often have treats and toys and some of the pets from the shelter around so you can meet them as well :)

I support the adoption of pets, I have even created works for Herpetology groups that find homes for rescue snakes, turtles, and lizards like bearded dragons (sometimes these outgrow one's expectations, oh no!) and my father-in-law has rescued guinea pigs. I hope you will attend the show!!