September Art Events

Hi everyone!

Here are some art events that I will be doing and continuing in September!!

First off, I am pleased to announce that the Oklahoma at the Movies exhibit at the 
Oklahoma History Center has been *EXTENDED* until the end of the year! Hooray!  This is a great exhibit paying homage to so many Oklahomans involved in cinema both on-screen and behind the scenes, and I have been so happy and honored to have contributed murals to it... my absolute favorite mural to do was the Alice in Wonderland mural inspired by the Disney concept artist Mary Blair (1911-1978), a native of McAlester, OK. She began working for Disney animation studios in 1940, and has dispelled a myth of no women ever working in animation during that time... she is both an inspiring and empowering figure as so many early animated films are based on her concept pieces.

Below is a detail shot of the Alice in Wonderland mural I did inspired by Mary Blair...

Garden of Talking Flowers detail in the Alice in Wonderland area of the exhibit... 
This entire exhibit should run until the end of the year, but as many artifacts and costumes and awards were on loan to the museum and OKPOP, some pieces will expectedly rotate and move... the mural photos are also before some audio/visual interactive components have been added...
 the sooner you visit the more you are likely to see! :) 

"Her Dilemma" signed art prints by Amanda Shelton -
you can win one of these in X Marks the Art #3
On the 2nd Thursday (Sept 11 as it falls this month) there will also be another X Marks the Art event... I did this in August at the Project Box in the Paseo Arts District and it was lots of fun, and for this next one you will be able to win one of my prints!! 
What is 'X Marks the Art' ???  Just check out their page to find out!!