Studio Break, or, How I Broke My Foot.

Greetings and Salutations! Hope everyone had a good Labor Day holiday or at the very least an enjoyable weekend.

Last week we took a small stay-cation and visited a few spots around the great state of Oklahoma to refresh and relax.

Of course we had to visit Eischen's, a bar in Okarche that is well known for its fried chicken and okra... (this place has been around since before statehood and isn't even an hour away in driving distance, but the hubby and I had never even been!)

Established in 1896
eventually I will add to the glowing reviews on Yelp with this... :) 

But the highlight of the week was going to Turner Falls for some much needed get away from the city... in the middle of the week, it was pretty much deserted and we brought a cooler of drinks and I brought some sketching stuff....
Turner Falls is near Davis, Oklahoma... this is a neat little town! 

the falls and pools and hiking and all other nature goodness located amid the Arbuckle Mountains...

Now all was going great when we were swimming... there are these beautiful natural pools around where the water is clear and clean... and you can swim in the larger one with the 77 ft waterfall... and that's where, when I entered the water I slipped on the rocks and smacked my left foot on one! 


But my wonderful hubby put my foot on ice, grabbed me a beer, and I started sketching! (we had lots of day left after all) More on the foot in a sec... 

conte crayon on toned paper... of the pool area where i won't forget to be more careful on those rocks next time... ;) 

One of the other interesting things down there is the castle that is just existing in the park. By the later part of the day we were hobbling back to the car, and I really did NOT feel like walking up to check it out (lol), but I managed to grab a few shots of it with my phone. 

As far as my foot.... I fractured my 5th metatarsal and also tore some ligaments in my ankle with a really bad sprain.  I received a fun tetanus shot, an air boot, and crutches, but was told just yesterday I should be able to stick mostly to the boot for the next 6 weeks for healing (hooray!)... 

I have had some people concerned for me, but when I was a kid I sprained my ankles often, usually from dancing around or having too much fun... To be honest, even with lots of big things happening, it's been awhile since we've had a chance to just get in the car and have fun away from home for a day or two, and this just reminded me I was having enough fun to actually involve risk.... and for me, a little risk is a good thing. I was reminded me how long it's been since I have even been out on a nice long nature walk because it's been so hot lately... or have gone on a self-induced adventure for artistic purposes.. because our state has many places to explore. I need to up my risk factor more often :)