Upcoming in July

Summer is going great!!

I will be closing out my show at Picasso's in Paseo Arts District this week with much gratitude for all who attended and saw my work, and for those who left comments and compliments with me or purchased a piece I am extra-special thankful! So often I worry that I am just decorating a cafe's walls for free when I do restaurant shows, because the restaurant often does very little to try and sell the work (they have a food business to run!) but it makes me so happy when I hear others enjoy the paintings. My show at Picasso's also gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I liked about showing when it was Galileo and remembering all my friends who helped me when I was starting out. I miss them a lot.  I had a landlord at the time who said managing his buildings were like watching people going through a revolving door... people going in, coming out...sometimes people lingering for awhile... possibly on their way to bigger things or new things or new adventures.

On July 11th I will have some art in a group event at Twisted Root Gallery (also in the Paseo District) called "Euphoria Artistry" - this event is a culmination of performers and local musicians paying homage to art, shooting videos that night, and several local artists will be showing off their creations. This is a ticketed event and you can get tickets for $7 or VIP tickets for $14 (a few drinks are included in the ticket price).

Also I have new representation at Enid Art Gallery in Enid, Oklahoma- the gallery is conveniently located in the Oakwood Mall (gallery hours are 10-6) and members participate in several community and family events. I will have some of my artwork moved over there by early July for those of you in that area of the state. Looking forward to reaching a new local region with my pieces and enjoying all my new gallery-mates!