My Commission Process

A large portion of my income from painting comes from custom art commissions. I love making the ideas and images of others come to life in my work.

"Winter" one of four in a series commissioned on the seasons,
acrylic on canvas, 8x10 inches
Amanda Shelton, 2016

I have many open spots for commissions this season and hope to fill them as quickly as in past years.
For those who are possibly interested in commissioning a painting, here is a little information (aka a few short steps described in extreme detail!) on what to expect....

1. You have contacted me somehow about commissioning custom artwork... either through the contact form on my website, my Facebook page, or via email/phone/text or in person. I get some information from you on what you want created, size, and a little background information (to influence the work) and contact info. Most of this part is like a conversation, and getting to know you/your idea. I do not 100% replicate past original paintings, but if you see something already on my site that you like, please reference it for style, color, or any notable reason that will help me get your vision! I can usually get very very close!

Commission in a series of 4 where provided children's handprints were used to make abstract peacocks,
acrylic and metallic acrylics on canvas, 8x10 inches
Amanda Shelton

2.  Usually the first thing I am asked for is an estimate or price of work to be done. This breaks down into what type of work you may be seeking, with some flexibility on different projects:

  •  If illustration work is wanted, I will send you a price sheet and we may set up a phone or in-person meeting (depending on if you are local or out of my area to meet) to talk about additional details (like rights to use and originals), or if you want to see a physical portfolio. 
  • If a mural, I require a site visit to make a proper estimate. This is sometimes not needed for residential murals but required for any commercial mural work. It is often covered in the initial meetings or if a contract is to be signed anyway. 
  • Most of my commissions: If a single or multiple painting in my style, portrait, pet portrait, or other items under 4 feet in width/height, I will send an estimate after the initial contact and I have some details and formulate if additional materials (special surfaces, gilding, etc) will affect the price, then send the price to you with some options if you want to vary in size or materials that best fits your needs and budget.  Note: If your requested work is out of my style or scope in any way, I am happy to refer you to an artist who may be able to create the work for you (price may not be comparable). 
  • Other projects as requested: Let me know what you are thinking! I enjoy collaboration and new creative adventures. 

Part of the wall art and murals completed for The Sandwich Club in OKC- an 80s themed sandwich shop
Amanda Shelton

3.  Money and Terms stuff: I take a 30-50% down payment on projects before beginning artwork, depending on the project (for my most common commissions, individual paintings, it is typically 50%).This covers materials and studio overhead costs and also is non-refundable, should the project be abandoned by the client for any reason. A "kill fee" may be included on illustration projects (often this is the deposit itself), to cover costs incurred by me should a client end and interrupt the illustration contract any time before it has been completed. Terms are in each agreement and vary depending on if it is a commercial or individual project- so your loved one's portrait will be simpler terms than say, your self-published book cover. If you are commissioning a small painting (portrait, pet portrait, etc) you may receive your terms on/by/included with your Paypal invoice for your down payment.

**If you live in the local Oklahoma City metro area, I can often deliver your artwork at completion. If not, shipping will be added to your final invoice.

"Quiet Place", gouache illustration
Amanda Shelton
4. You have sent your down payment- the work begins! You can view any materials involved in the creation of your art, on your request. I like to send status updates as well, so if you do not want these, please state as such. If you have re-draws or changes outlined in your terms, during the creation process is when you will receive photos of initial drawings to request changes.

"All Smiles" pet portrait commission, oil on canvas, 18x24 inches
Amanda Shelton

5. Your work has been completed!! You will be informed by me as soon as it is ready to ship or be delivered (note: oil paintings may take longer due to drying time, framing/varnishing/other services requested, etc). Your final payment on your invoice will be due, if it is still owed, in order to receive the artwork.  Yay- you have new, custom ART! :)


**Note: If commissioning a painting for Christmas or the December holiday season, please contact me no later than the preceding October 1st, for availability and getting it done and shipped on time (more time may be required for some mediums and sizes).
*** Ready to buy paintings that make great gifts are available year-round in my Etsy shop.