June Events!

Hi blog readers! I hope you have been enjoying your summer! Yes, I know the first day of summer (solstice) is "technically" later this month but we are already having 90ºF weather here so yes, it's summer! I am already looking at how to get a splash pool assembled (stat!) in our back yard out of pallets, a stock tank, or other hip method. If you've been following my Instagram account you will have learned we also rescued a dog recently, and she is a big wonderful sweetie who has captured our hearts, and the cat's temporary jealousy, but they are on a fast path to being besties!

I also cannot wait to paint her pet portrait...

Anyway... Here are the events upcoming in June:

First off, I am participating in a show that is relevant to our local politics and upcoming midterm election. Oklahoma is very behind the times compared to other states, and this June 26th we are voting on medical marijuana, via State Ballot Question #788. This question got on the ballot via a petition created by the people of Oklahoma and signatures gathered by the people to put it there on the ballot, and now we have the opportunity to vote to make this legal for those who can reap potential medical benefits, and the tax revenue/financial benefits, as seen by other states. As an epileptic who may benefit from the passage of this question into law, this is a cause important to me. So, I should have some small pieces in this show at 51st St Speakeasy on June 9th. Special thanks to amazing local artistic talent Sean Vali for putting this together, and Oklahomans for Health for all their hard work on this initiative.

I also have LOTS of classes and workshops this month!

I am teaching acrylic and watercolor painting classes at Michaels in Norman, OK this month; here is a schedule of official Grumbacher fine arts classes I will have at the store. These are all on Tuesdays, except for the free watercolor class (yes it is FREE except for supplies which are listed below in the image as well). The kits listed do not have to be purchased as kits (though if you do at Michaels the usual coupons knock the price down substantially), the paints/brushes/canvas can also be purchased separately and a complete list is available at the store. My contact info is also listed if you have any questions.  (note: In July there will also be drawing basics/fundamentals classes added!)

Last week we did the cherry blossom painting class and it was lots of fun- Here is a quick photo I was able to snap:

I have students in the classes at Michaels and it looks like I may have some private lesson students over the summer as well, so I have been working on preparing my studio for more people... lots of space making and decluttering and digging up the extras of any tools I use most in case I can spare some hand-me-downs.

I also just ordered new marbling supplies!! This brings me a lot of joy because the last paper marbling workshop was so fun and successful we are having another one this month--Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel! June 16th from 12-6 at Studio 112andaHalf in Shawnee we will be marbling again, both methods (Suminigashi and Ebru) like we did last time...

To sign up for the Paper Marbling Workshop-- go here.  To RSVP via Facebook or learn more, check out the event here-- https://www.facebook.com/events/1946794045630725/

To view the full classes at Michaels in Norman (you will need to enter in the zip code or city) please visit https://classes.michaels.com