Working with one of my in-studio #artstudents today :)...

Working with one of my in-studio #artstudents today :) #abstraction #painting exercises after they had been to the museum earlier in the week. I took her on as a #drawing student but school is starting soon and she has many other extracurriculars, so we are concluding the summer with a little painting and a talk about learning the rules to have them, then bending them and breaking them for creativity’s sake 💕 I am not degreed, but not entirely self-taught either; growing up I learned lots of foundational stuff from other artists in my area, and I continue to learn from other artists. We all have something we can teach each other. Even if the lessons themselves stop, even if you don’t do it for money or fame or whatever… don’t stop #learning!
#arteducation #arteducationmatters #amandasheltonart #art #oklahomaartist (at Central Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

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